Drops of Youth™️ Youth Concentrate Review.

This range from The Bodyshop has 11 products in their line. I have also used and reviewed their Drops of Youth Bouncy Eye Mask.

The bodyshop’s claim:

Get fresher and healthier looking skin with our Drops of Youth™️ Youth Concentrate. This refreshing gel-like serum leaves skin feeling fresher, replenished with moisture, and with a healthy-looking glow. Now reinforced with environmental protection and natural antioxidants for skin that feels strengthened and suppler.


Glycerin – hydrates

Alcohol denat – promotes water loss and over a prolonged period of use can cause skin to become sensitive.

Fagus Sylvatica Bud Extract- promotes skin moisture and reduces signs of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.

Sodium Hyaluronate – mimics hyaluronic acid which is naturally released by the body.

Benzyl Alcohol – solvent

Xanthan Gum – helps to thicken the product.

What I liked about the product?

The consistency of the product made it easy to blend into my skin which left my skin feeling hydrated immediately.

This product is ideal as an overnight serum opposed to something during the day.

What I didn’t like about the product?

I found when applying my sunscreen on top of the serum it would make my face look like as if I was peeling even thought it was actually technically just flakey (not a good look at all).

I would find it difficult to apply foundation on top as it would just look horrible by that I mean my foundation wouldn’t even apply properly.

It was hard to blend the foundation into my skin and it left me looking patchy.

In the end, I would just look like a complete mess. The bottom line is that I wasn’t getting the “replenished healthy glow” as they were claiming.

I was getting the haggard ageing look it honestly added about 5 years to me as an oppose to making me look young and refreshed.




Thick and Tacky

Would I buy this product again?

Absolutely not- as the cons outweigh the pros. This serum was designed to be applied for during the day not night.

BUT I had to use it overnight due to the fact that the product wouldn’t work with the other products like my sunscreen.

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