How to fake a lip job!!!

In 2014 HudaBeauty did a YouTube tutorial on “how to fake a lip job” where she used a lip plumper as well as makeup to create an illusion of a fake lip job. Since seeing the YouTube footage I automatically started to search for this device and let me tell you.

What is it?

The lip plumper allows the person to experience the effects of a “fake lip job” for a short period of time.

What I like about it?

I liked the look of the device – it was placed comfortably over my lips and I experienced no irrational while using this concoction.

What I don’t like about it?

Well, where do I begin, apart from it not actually working – I didn’t like that fact that I wasted my money on this useless device.

Yes you can feel the sucking motion of your lips but that is only because you’re taking a deep breath in soooo duh you will obviously feel it is probably working.

How to use it?

  1. You place the device over your mouth.
  2. Pull the extension lever at the same time while taking a breath in then exhaled.
  3. Reset the extension lever and repeat.

Would I recommend it to a friend?

No! I would tell them to save their money!!! However, if they really wanna try it out they can have mine since it’s obsolete.

Where to purchase it?

Amazon prices vary from supplier to supplier.

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