Aviela: Body Scrub!

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about my blog lately and how infrequently I post.  As a result I have decided to get out as much content as I can and while I can. Being a part-time student, working full time and trying to pursue my passion for blogging isn’t easy, hence, why at for now I’m going to do it casually. Anyhow, moving on….

I came across this small company Aviela and decided to purchase a few things from there. While going through the checkout process I noticed that you can get loyalty points as well as free delivery if you spend over a certain amount AND they always have offers on which is a bonus.

This product just makes you look like you’ve been kissed by the sun and that you belong on a beach! My skin felt so sexy and I looked sexy and confident as a consequence. If there ever is a product that makes you feel good about yourself then ladies and gents look no further. It is this one!

The claims:

All ingredients sourced from Ghana, West Africa

The ingredients:

  • Shea Butter oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Grounded Shea Nut Shell
  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Honey

What I liked about the product:

I liked that it gave the Baywatch effect on my body not just skin! It left my skin feeling smooth, silky and hydrated. Since the product is packed with a lot of oils my skin became oily as a consequence; but  not greasy like oil but more the Baywatch kind. This product was easy to apply with minimal messiness. You can either apply on dry skin or wet skin. I found it to be effective on wet skin and this was just my preference. the beads in the scrub weren’t invasive at all and it felt ever so gentle on my skin.

What I didn’t like about the product:

Since the exfoliate is predominantly oil based it meant that you couldn’t shave you legs afterwards as the oils would trap the blade and it would make it difficult to get a clear cut shave. Also, do not use the scrub before shaving your legs as the oil from your legs gets onto your razor and it can make it blunt.


Brown sugar


Thick, Sugar and Oil

Would I buy it again!

Yes I would most definitely as it leave me feeling seexyyyy!

Where to purchase this product from:

Aviela website


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