Burt Bees 🐝 Hand Cream Review

Hey guys! As winter is approaching I though it be fitting to talk about my holy grail. Which is the Burt’s Bee Almond & Milk Hand Cream. I started using this product last winter and the effects of this winter wonder portion was out of this world! I was suffering from a mild case of eczema and working in a hospital environment didn’t make the condition of my hands any better.

However, I was given this hand cream as part of a gift set so I decided to use it on the day shift, as my hands were sore, red and quite frankly they were painful and I needed a quick remedy as I needed my hands to be hydrated! and constant hand washing didn’t help either. I found that once I did apply this cream to my hands they felt protected as if they was an extra layer of skin added to my hands.

Since the product comes in a jar and not a bottle I decided to use this product on a night as part of my nighttime routine. And to my amazement I was shocked at the effects of using this hand cream over night. I found that this cream worked better overnight as an oppose to during the day. I could tell the difference- my hands didn’t feel as dry, tight and sore compared to using the cream during the day.

The claims:

Put the power of nature to work for your skin with our all natural Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream. This super rich cream contains sweet almond oil and vitamin E to help hydrate and shield hard working hands and beeswax to seal and condition the skin. 99.9% natural and contains no parabens or phthalates. Massage a dollop of this hydrating moisturiser anytime your hands feel dry and after every hand wash to keep your hands looking beautiful and feeling soft and smooth. Great for elbows, knees and feet too!

The ingredients:

Sweet almond oil: rich in protein and brilliant for dry and itchy skin.

Beeswax: Anti-inflammatory to relieve pain and adds moisture to the skin.

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice: soothes the skin from any irritation and aids healing.

kaolin: removes excess debris and helps to renew cell regeneration.

Grapefruit seed extract: anti-oxidants.

Tocopherol: protects from free-radicals.

Soybean oil: rich in fatty acids.

Sucrose: promotes hydration.

What I liked about the product: 

I found that the product rapidly absorbed into my hands, leaving my hands feeling soft and hydrated. However, I would only use it overnight due to the greasy element of it. But I did find that I only needed to apply the cream once daily as this was enough for my hands. I also found that my hands continued to feel soft and hydrated the next day.

What I didn’t like about the product: 

I didn’t like the fact that although a small amount of cream was applied, my hands still felt greasy for a short time (hence why I would always apply this product overnight). Additionally, the product had a slight scent of marzipan which wasn’t offensive but I’m putting it out there for you guys to form your own judgment on this.

Would I repurchase this product?

Hell yeah of-course I would, not only is this product affordable it’s also long lasting! And most importantly it actually works!


Thick and creamy.



Where to buy the product 

Holland and Barrett: £ 10.99

Boots £ 9.99

M&S: £11.00

Superdrug: £ 9.99

Lookfantastic: £10.99

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