Facetox or is it just Botox in a box?

Hey guys, for the past few months I have been really getting into using face masks and honestly this is a beauty routine no one should ignore! As far back as I can remember I use to always use face masks but when life gets super busy face masks and self care kinda goes out of the window. I initially started using face masks as I just wanted a time out and re-charge thus putting on a face mask made perfect sense to me. As they are so many masks out there in the beauty world, I opted to pop into my local Holland and Barrett store to see what vegan products they had and at that point I came across Facetox, this seemed like a perfect brand to use to help me to get restarted and into the game of wearing masks.

The claims:

Facetox organic face mask will help to detoxify your skin. The FaceTox masks are suitable for all skin types and are made using only the purest ingredients to ensure no irritation. 

The FaceTox Mask contains Bentonite & Moroccan Lava clay, which have been used for centuries in facemasks. When the FaceTox clay blend is mixed with the Rose Water, it creates a negative charge and when applied to your skin, draws out the toxins. Leaving you with softer, clearer skin. We recommend using the mask once per week.

The ingredients:

Calcium Bentonite Clay powder: draws out toxins from the pores.

Calcium Bentonite Clay powder: aids nourishment as well as removing excess dirt and oil residue.

Organic Rose Water: helps to reduce inflammation as well as excess oil and dirt accumulated in the pores.

What I liked about the product

  1. I like the aftermath of putting this mask on as the results were phenomenal and I instantly looked Oscar ready.
  2. Since I have combination and sensitive skin I would only leave this on for 20mins max.
  3. The mask really helped me to balance my oily areas and reacted really well to my skin despite of me having sensitive skin type.
  4. After removing the mask I found that my skin was smooth, clear and glowy. However, when you take the mask off your face is a bit red but that is only because of the blood flow reaching the surface and usually disappears after 30mins.
  5. The ingredients were minimal and vegan friendly meaning chances of a side effect would be very unlikely.

What I didn’t like about the product:

  1. I didn’t like that fact that you could get 2 masks in one sachet which meant that I was using it all on my face, neck and chest.
  2. I would usually opt to remove the mask while I was in the shower because when washing it off it does get super messy unlike other masks that just dissolve.

Would I purchase it again?

Not for the price that it is market it at however, I would only get it when it is on sale.

Where to buy the product:

Holland and Barrett £29.99

Facetox £24.99

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