No7 face brush cleanser

Hey peeps, with all things skincare and beauty I thought talking about skincare gadgets would be appropriate for this blog today.

I was given a No7 face cleansing brush as a gift from my sister, as I was going through a phase of wearing a lot make-up! Initially, my thoughts about this particular device were positive as I learnt to love it. This gradually changed as time went by and I consequently ended up hating it!

Initial experience:

Disclaimer! I was using the No 7 foam cleanser for oily combination skin as well. While using the device I notice there were 2 different settings and I opted to use the first setting which was much gentler on the skin but felt it was doing nothing to my face and neck. My face felt no different after using the device on the first setting. The second setting I found was much more invasive to my skin as my T-zone felt tight. I also found that using the second setting did cause my skin to become sensitive and dry while I was using it.

My overall experience:

I didn’t enjoy using this device as I found it came with so many problems. Since setting 1 was sooo gentle to the point where you don’t actually feel the device work on the skin compared to setting 2 where it’s so invasive whereby you actually cause damage to your skin. There appears to be no medium where you can feel it work without tightening your face. I personally noticed an increase of wrinkles appear around my eye area, while my T-zone area became dry. Since my skin felt super sensitive, the No7 foam cleanser would sting and not absorb well into my skin. The device does come with changeable heads for hygiene purposes which was a plus I guess but at what cost?  My face felt as though I had just wrestled with it.

Would I purchase it again?

No I wouldn’t as this particular device did not suit my face.

Where to purchase it?

Boots: price subject to change please check your nearest store.

Changeable heads: £8.00


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