Ultra Purifying Nose Strips with Charcoal and Volcanic Ash- best or worst product ever?!

IMG_1835Hi dolls and action men! Lately, I’ve been thinking I need to find a brand that does the best nose strips!
So I pop into my local Superdrug store to hunt down some products. While looking for nose strips – ultra purifying nose strips with charcoal and volcanic ash catch my eye and I was like “oh hello you” and then I went on to say to myself ” there’s only two of you in a package, you must be able to work wonders on my blackheads!”

Oh boy, was I in for a shock! Usually on my post I like to pick out good points whether it’s the ingredients or my personal experience. As for this product there aren’t any good points! And I’m not going to waste my time talking about how “amazing” the ingredients are and how they can benefit you if the actual product doesn’t even stick on.

The product isn’t made from the traditional material. Superdrug’s decided to use an innovative method and use a woollen material that failed terribly.

Would I buy this product again? Hell no! I wouldn’t even recommend this product to my ex’s girlfriend! It was an epic fail for me and before you star thinking it may work for your skin type; giiirl let me tell you this…. no it won’t!

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