Skincere Cream Cleanser- will it work for combination skin?

I have recently been trying out this new cream cleanser that is FREE from preservative, alcohol, wheat, soya, dairy and finally FREE of synthetic fragrance.

The creators behind this brilliant product wanted to cater for those who were suffering from allergies or are sensitive to fragrance scented products but wanted to be able to tolerate a skincare product that had hypoallergenic and smoothing ingredients in it to help restore skin, improve signs of aging, also leave the skin even and radiant looking. Not only is this magic in a bottle an amazing product for those who are sensitive, it is also great for those have a vegan and halal diet.

So far so good right?!

While I was using it I loved the fact that it was thick and creamy when applied. I did this on dry skin and also on damp skin. I found better results massaging the cream cleanser on dry skin and then washing it off with lukewarm water. However, if you prefer massaging it on damp skin you can do but you may not achieve the same kind of result, but every skin type is different and will react differently to all types of cleansers. But I have combination skin so applying it on dry skin was helpful.

However, there was a slight problem…

This product didn’t work for my skin. Probably because it is a cream cleanser and cream cleansers react really well to those who have dry skin. Since the winter is hitting us and its really frosty outside I thought it would work for me but it didn’t really make a massive difference.

This product does have amazing ingredients in it and I really do want it to work for my skin type, trust me I do!

Let’s talk a little about the active ingredients it has and how it benefit the skin

Key Ingredients: 

  • Coconut oil: natural moisturiser that prevents dryness and flakiness from occurring.
  • Shea butter: has active vitamins such as A and E & that helps to relieve dryness and softens the skin.
  • Jojaba: mimics the natural sebum that we have, so basically we’re getting double the dose of sebum that our body naturally makes.
  • Lemon fruit extract: prevents wrinkles and blackheads from surfacing and aids with brightening the skin.
  • Sugar maple: minimises and helps to repair damages caused by free radicals.
  • Glycerin: aids moisture and treats dry rough and irritable skin.

Would I buy it again?

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t buy it again as it does not suit my skin but will ideally benefit those with a dry skin type.

Where can I buy this product from:

Holland & Barrett: £19.99

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